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Bespoke Cattle Sheds Built for Australian Conditions

When looking for premium quality cattle sheds Perth and Wheatbelt residents love, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at ShedBoss Perth|Hills|Wheatbelt. We acknowledge that every cattle farmer has unique needs when it comes to constructing their sheds. When you turn to us, we make sure to design and build steel structures with your productivity and profits in mind. Our cattle sheds for sale are constructed specifically for the livestock industry. We will ensure that the layout of your steel building reduces animal stress and the costs of manure management. Clearly, your shed will be designed to put more money in your pocket.

The Customised Cattle Shed WA Farmers Prefer

Here at ShedBoss Perth|Hills|Wheatbelt, we take time to understand the unique needs of our customers. We understand that cattle farmers produce and profit from some of the most wanted staples in the world—dairy and beef. Of course, the construction, look and quality of these facilities are crucial to their livelihood. It is also essential that the cattle are safe from extreme weather conditions and kept in a stress-free and consistent environment. As such, we let our clients choose from a range of customisation options, including:

  • Skillion roof – This is designed to slope on one side, allowing natural ventilation while taking advantage of the weather year-round. This can provide sufficient shade in the summer while providing enough exposure to the sun during colder months.
  • Gable roof – More widely known as a dual-sloping roof, this design can also provide natural ventilation and appropriate shelter from extreme weather conditions.
  • Open sidewalls – You can also opt for open walls for natural ventilation. During the summer months, you can keep your cows cool, allowing them to get fresh air while still being kept in a safe environment.
  • Concrete foundation – One of the crucial elements of a steel structure is the foundation. As such, we build your cattle sheds with a reliable and safe concrete foundation. This way, your cattle will have sure footing wherever they go.
  • Durable doors – You can choose from sliding or hinged vent doors that can give your shed a classic barn look. On the other hand, if you want a more convenient way of accessing your cattle shed, you can opt for rolling doors that can be configured for remote-controlled operation.
  • Skylights – If you wish, you can have natural lighting panels installed on the shed. This provides your cattle with the benefits of natural sunlight without exposing them to extreme weather and insects.

Premium Quality Cattle Sheds for Sale

Its essential for cattle farmers to have a functional and practical shed. This is why we give you the freedom to choose from our range of classic and modern Stockman barns. Made with 100% Australian steel, our Stockman barns are built using the exclusive ShedBoss Morinda knee and apex joints, along with heavy-duty BMT Colorbond cladding. You can also dictate your preferred height, colour and span width.

Our Stockman Cattle Barns Feature:

  • High roof
  • Flowing lines
  • Internal columns
  • Single, double or triple bays
  • Roller doors
  • Multiple front, side and rear entries
  • Customised design to suit your specific requirements

Experience the ShedBoss Perth|Hills|Wheatbelt Difference

  • We treat every project as if it were our own
  • Materials completely sourced from Australia
  • Patented fabrication engineering
  • Employing local builders to ensure a sustainable construction practice
  • A long list of satisfied customers

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